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Press Releases

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  • SnoPUD Offers EV Customers Rewards for Charger Installation

    Eligible customers who install qualified Level 2 chargers can earn up to $500

    LOLS10在线直播下注As part of its Connect & Drive program, Snohomish County PUD is offering its customers up to a $500 reward for the purchase and installation of qualifying Level 2 Energy Star EV chargers in their homes.

    “One of the key strategies of the PUD’s Electric Transportation Plan is to support our customers with the adoption of electric vehicles,” said Pam Baley, PUD Assistant General Manager of Customer and Energy Services. “We know that quick and efficient charging at home is one of the main hurdles customers have with purchasing an EV, so we’re excited to offer these rewards to help make that a reality.”

    LOLS10在线直播下注The PUD is offering two separate rewards depending on the type of qualifying Level 2 charger. The rewards and eligibility requirements include:

    • The PUD offers a $500 reward to eligible customers who purchase and install a qualified Level 2 connected EV charger at their home.
    • The PUD offers a $50 reward to eligible customers who purchase and install a qualified Level 2 EV charger at their home.

    For either reward, customers must apply for the reward within 90 days of purchase and the Level 2 charger must be on the PUD’s qualified product list in effect at the time of the purchase. To shop for a qualifying charger or to redeem a reward, click here.

    LOLS10在线直播下注To earn the $500 reward, customers must also agree to be contacted about and participate in future PUD EV charger programs, and agree to provide, or authorize the EV charger manufacturer to provide, PUD access to their charging data. The data collection will be used to conduct research on EV charging patterns and their collective effect on PUD’s electrical system and develop strategies to mitigate their impact.

    Customers should consult with the PUD and a licensed electrician before purchasing a Level 2 charging system for their home. Some high-power charging systems may require significant electrical upgrades to the home.

    The PUD’s Board of Commissioners recently approved an Electrified Transportation Plan. The Connect & Drive plan aims to optimize the utility’s grid for transportation electrification and enable customer adoption of EVs. It includes investments in infrastructure, incentive opportunities and public outreach to promote clean transportation.

    LOLS10在线直播下注Electric vehicles charged in the PUD’s service area run on some of the cleanest power in the nation. Most of the utility’s energy is generated by hydropower, with more than 95% of its fuel mix coming from non-carbon resources over the past five years.

  • PUD & Lynnwood Police Investigating Power Pole Vandalism

    Tampering with electrical infrastructure can result in severe injury or death

    Five Snohomish County PUD power poles were damaged by vandals in two separate incidents in the Lynnwood area over the past week.

    The PUD is working with Lynnwood Police to investigate the vandalism. The incidents have also been reported to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Energy and the Seattle branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    “We take this type of vandalism extremely seriously,” said Rob Beidler, PUD Security, Services and Business Continuity Manager. “Attempting to damage energized infrastructure is very dangerous and can result in severe injury or even death. We’re very fortunate no one was hurt in these incidents.”

    In both cases, vandals appeared to use a chainsaw to damage power poles, including cutting a power pole down near the intersection of Butternut Road and Maple Road in Lynnwood in the early morning hours of Aug. 14. The damage resulted in an outage affecting 4,000 customers.

    On Saturday, PUD security guards discovered four more power poles that also appear to have been cut by a chainsaw near the PUD’s North Alderwood substation and the Interurban Trail. The power poles, located adjacent to Interstate-5 on-ramps, were cut but did not fall. There were limited power outages as a result of the vandalism, and some communications equipment was temporarily affected.

    LOLS10在线直播下注All damaged poles were replaced by PUD line crews and all outages caused by the incidents have been restored.

    The PUD is asking the public to be aware of suspicious activity near all PUD substations or power poles in its service area. Anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious near PUD electrical infrastructure or with information on either of these incidents, please call 9-1-1.

  • PUD Partners With the Washington National Guard

    Snohomish County Public Utility District is partnering with the Washington National Guard in piloting a critical infrastructure cybersecurity partnership program. This program draws on the region’s military and information technology talent to increase cybersecurity awareness in support of local government entities and county residents.

    As part of the program, the Washington National Guard will conduct a cybersecurity assessment of the PUD's information technology networks, which support critical infrastructure. The assessment is scheduled to occur in August 2020. Following the assessment, the National Guard will provide a report of findings and recommendations to the PUD, which will help it strengthen the cybersecurity of the services that its customers rely upon.

    The PUD is excited to partner with the Washington National Guard in the building of strategies to increase the cyber-resiliency of the nation.

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